Main Developers

Anibal Avelar 'fixxxer'(avelarfoo at gmail dot com):
New Admin. Porting to Imlib2 and new other features.
Tim Finley (timmfinfoo at timmfin dot net):
Features I plan to add are mounting icons and compilation, different images for the different commands (this is how mounting icons might turn out), and configuration using autoconf and automake.

Former developers and other contributions

Christopher C. Roberts 'nikon'(ccrobertsfoo at gmail dot com):
Project creator, can't work on idesk right now.
Bryn (curious) (curious at
Done some work on iDesk in the past, but he's back to help out some more now.
Gave me a perlGtk configuration script for iDesk. Its pretty cool and he or I will eventually extend it some. Available in downloads.

Patch submitters

  • Chiristopher Morris (cmorri9 at
  • NRM (nrm at
  • John R Lenton (john at
  • Phil (phil at
  • Others I need to list