iDesk gives users of minimal wm's (fluxbox, pekwm, windowmaker...) icons on their desktop. The icon graphics are either from a png or svg (vector) file and support some eyecandy effects like transparency. Each icon can be confgured to run one or more shell commands and the actions which run those commands are completely configurable. In a nutshell if you want icons on your desktop and you don't have or dont't want KDE or gnome doing it, you can use idesk.

Feature List

  • Execution of multiple shell commands
  • Completely configurable actions
  • PNG image support
  • Image scaling (in version 0.6 SVG support was remove!!!)
  • Xft anti-aliased fonts
  • Pseudo-transparency
  • Shadowed fonts
  • Snap to grid icon placement
  • Only show caption on mouseover
  • Automatic background updating with Esetroot